About us II

About us

Shooting weddings, for us, is one of the greatest feelings!

We are blessed with the opportunity to combine our love for travel and photography as we get a chance to be a part of the most special and memorable day of your life.

The Wedding Novels

We will capture all of the moments that unfold between the two of you!

We shoot weddings all over the world! We even do wedding tours everywhere you can imagine!

The beauty of our well-trained and thoroughly experienced photographers on your big day brings so much more to the memories of your wedding!

Our well equipped, trained photographers allow you to have an amazing overall experience with us! We are all trained to handle the job under any conditions.

Lastly, when we get a chance to get to know you before the wedding, we can make the unfamiliar feel less awkward! Whether it comes from our natural interaction, visual examples of newlywed poses, or the goofy way we joke around with you. The day becomes comfortable and seamless, making your once-in-a-lifetime day a whole lot more enjoyable. By the end of the experience, you will feel like you made a lifelong friend and so will we! Let us work together to personalize and customize your all-inclusive package!

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place